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Artful Thinking | The Intersection of Business, Community and The Arts

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#Art    We don’t have to be artists to be artful thinkers. Experiencing and appreciating art helps us develop our thinking disposition.

The point of intersection among business, community, and the arts is the place where we break down barriers. The intersection is a place where different cultures, domains, and disciplines stream together toward a single point. They connect allowing for established concepts to clash and combine, ultimately forming a multitude of new, groundbreaking ideas.

The intersection of ideas among the arts, business, and community offers excellent insights that can be used to solve difficult problems related to complexity and ambiguity, communication and presentation, and innovation. The intersection is the point where we can learn to identify ambiguous threats and to develop solutions.



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Community Leadership | Women’s Resource Agency

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Volunteering may mean venturing beyond our comfort zone and reveals unique opportunities to use our energy and talents to help others.

Get involved. Our world always needs more helping hands.

Volunteering is one of my core values and the way that I spend much of my free time. One of my favorite organizations is the Women’s Resource Agency. I teach a class at WRA on how to find a job using social media tools, including LinkedIn.

Women’s Resource Agency

Women’s Resource Agency is the oldest, continuously operating women’s human service organization in the Pikes Peak region. Since forming in 1972, we have helped thousands of women re-enter the workforce and grow personally and professionally.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Women’s Resource Agency coaches women on how they can become financially independent and achieve employment success, and educates at-risk adolescent girls to make healthy life choices, attain educational goals, and enter adulthood as successful members of our community. WRA meets clients where they are in their lives and teaches them how to improve their situation in a non-threatening and nonjudgmental environment. 

We assist about 1000 participants each year through individual coaching, career-building workshops, personal development classes, computer training, image consulting and a professional clothing boutique for women. 

Over the past decade, the Women’s Resource Agency has expanded to provide in-school prevention and leadership courses for at-risk teenage girls, and programs for female juvenile offenders. 

Single moms and even women in two-parent households need to be working in steady, meaningful jobs in order to provide safe, stable, and thriving families. This has created higher demand for our programs. Our empowerment services to assist women find a career that meets their personal financial needs are necessary in any economic environment, but especially now. 

Women’s Resource Agency relies on community support and involvement to fulfill our mission of helping women of all ages attain and maintain self-sufficiency. We appreciate your support in fulfilling this important goal. We are proud to be a partner with Pikes Peak United Way to work together to build a better community! 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women and girls to attain and maintain personal self-sufficiency and economic independence. 

Website: www. 

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Community Leadership | Gazette-El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking Fund

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Get involved. Our world always needs more helping hands.

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Gazette-El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking Fund

The 2015 32nd annual Gazette-El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking Fund provides resources for 20 local health and human service agencies in the Pikes Peak region on the front lines of helping people in crisis and assisting others in attaining self-sufficiency. Over the past 31 years, the Fund has raised more than $15.9 million. In 2014, the Empty Stocking Fund exceeded its goal to raise $1 million and it hopes to do that again during the 2015-16 campaign to meet the growing demand for services in our community.

The 2015-16 campaign will be held Thanksgiving Day through January 15, 2016. 100% of the funds go directly to agencies to support those in need thanks to contributions by The Gazette, El Pomar Foundation, Wells Fargo, ADD STAFF and Anschutz Foundation.

Donations to the Empty Stocking Fund transform lives. Every dollar donated to the Empty Stocking Fund grows up to 45.3 percent through matching funds.

• Bruni Foundation – Matches $10,000 for every $100,000 raised

• El Pomar Foundation – Matches $1 for every $3 raised



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